Commodities for industrial processing

Fresh fruits and vegetables for canning factories – we specialise in supply and production first of all gherkins all sizes sorted, all kids of peppers, onion, peeled onion, cabbage, plums and apples.
We have exclusive contracts with biggest producers of gherkins in Germany and Poland. They produce fresh gherkins on more then 1 000ha all together and sell around 120 000t gherkins per season. Exclusive contracts with these suppliers cover distribution to East Europe clients, first of all Czech Republic, Poland and Slowakia, where RCtrading is only strategical partner.

Here are some other strong products which we supply or produce

– Carrots
– Red beets
– Celeriac
– Parsley
– Parsnip
– Leek
– Pumpkin
– Sour cabbage
– Sour gherkins

– Strawberries
– Apples
– Cherries
– Sour cherries
– Apricots
– plums